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Stucco Garage Door Replacements: How To Make Your Garage Look More Attractive


One of the most popular things homeowners have chosen for their home is a stucco garage. Stucco garage doors are made from a mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose, which gives them a rough texture. This texture makes the material very attractive as it allows natural light to come through. Here are a few more key things to know about a stucco garage.

One thing you might not know about stucco garage portages is they require regular maintenance. One of the best ways to clean this door is to use a water-based garage door cleaning spray. These sprays will help you protect the door’s surface. You also want to keep the door well oiled at all times. If your door gets too greasy, it will be more difficult for it to slide and open because the grease will make the seal between the door and the frame weak. In addition to adding a fresh coat of stucco to your garage, you might want to consider adding additional protection from the elements. One option is to buy a door with a double glass panel. This type of door has insulation built right into the panel that prevents cold air from penetrating the interior. Because you do not have to replace your existing door, you can save money.

Adding exterior stucco to your garage does not have to be costly. There are a number of manufacturers that sell kits for creating an attractive bifold or paneled garage door. Even if you do not want to purchase one of these kits, you can still create an attractive exterior stucco appearance. All you need is regular stucco that is freshly sanded and cleaned. A heavy-duty stucco sander can be used to accomplish the job. One way to create the appearance of a bifold garage door is to install a fiberglass mesh or wooden panel that spans the width of your garage. These panels will act as a partition between your garage and your house. Because the mesh is flexible, it can be pulled apart and installed in any position to create a bifold door.

Exterior stucco can also be used to provide a smoother, more even weathering of your concrete garage floors. You can achieve this by painting one piece of stucco and using a roller or a brush to evenly distribute the color all over your floor. This will result in an improved appearance. A heavy-duty stucco marine base coat can also help to keep the surface from being slippery. An exterior coating with a high gloss finish, however, may be desirable for use on concrete floors that are subject to extreme weather conditions. If you want a stucco door installed in your garage but don’t have the money, consider replacing it with a bi-fold type. A bi-fold has two panels that fold up on each side of the garage. This means that you will have extra space available for storage. However, if you want a great looking garage, stucco is the way to go.