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Doubts About Assisted-living You Should Clarify

They may decline and you may have to, unfortunately, even though that resident is super happy in the assisted living they have assisted living friends they’ve made friends they play Senior Memory Support game.

They go out on trips with activities Senior Assisted Living departments like they may be super happy there but if they start to decline and have like you know super problems with dementia assisted living any kind of incontinence wombs anything we’re not able to take over  you may have to you know let that family know via your supervisor said that.

they are going to have to find an alternate settings so that can be said I think  i did um we did send one lady over to our memory carry you and that was kind  of sad because you know.

Brilliant Ways To Advertise Assisted-living


I know he had friends and attends a lot of activities  and was very well liked over on  the assisted living Senior Assisted Living side but you now, unfortunately, she assisted living wasn’t going to be able to stay due to her health concern, not necessarily her choice so anyway.

Then send them  off to somewhere else kind of just due to circumstances that are beyond their control which is their health Oh lastly also is going to touch on real-quick we do have.

Make You Love And Hate Assisted-living

Hospice come in for certain Senior Assisted Living residents independent living same as long term career also have people that have home help-that comes in to help them with it could-be anything from wound care to.

therapy  OT it comes into our facility so sometimes  even the home health companies will  do the lab draws versus our lab that we use so it’s a little confusing it’s a little kind of chopped up in away because um.