That level two no I don’t want to cancel what I want to continue there we go let’s go back that made me you mess with the settings I want to I want to at least change my finisher to the right thing and because I think it’s still the same like it’s the motorbikes is still the same like when it comes to you can have different like seven different finishers I won’t ever use submission moves why should I why would you want me to upgrade my submission ah let’s see special okay unlike a standing grapple front okay.

so weave these moves because our Arsenal level is okay so that makes sense alright so fire Thunder what is this ohm that’s a Jinrikisha driver burning hammer burning hammer Bernie hammer Canadian hammer oh my King Kong buster oh that’s cool um please tell me the Bernie hammer still in this game don’t blame meth hell is this oh nice that’s like legit take now damn it level five we’re right there dude alright so for now we should probably just level five we should probably just pick something else for now until we can get at level five I was neat waffle face okay double chicken wing I was neath the pretty err that’s always.

on deck now whirling dervish baby jeez all these moves are like law that’s crazy the FE Yoshi’s look I’m falling to the knees that’s crazy you’ll never see that no more all holidaymaker I forgot yeah that moves nightlight there I like the Widow maker a lot we had the Widow maker as like a regular move in the last game um double undertook DDT no have we seen pile drivers dead just like rook go by him dot damn oh nice here are the weatherstripped bent pile driver no amazing impact that’s a screwdrivers I’m looking.

For something that could possibly be the mute city driver for now Heinrich shoulder Buster’s hiding like in this game that’ll be interested honor logrolling power bomb he just right here sir runs in a circle he just stirred out runs in a circle okay um I think.